2010 Sierra 5.3 AFM delete or ????

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2010 Sierra 5.3 AFM delete or ????

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Hello Guys,

First off its been a long time since ive posted on here, I see a lot of new names and a lot of really awesome projects! I hope I can read some of the posts and lend some of my expertise and experiences to others that have similer projects.

I picked up a 2010 Sierra 5.3L I am looking to do a few upgrades but the first one on my list is to try to maximize power and fuel economy. I am very new to the Gen 3/4 engines especially the AFM heads, so my question is should I keep AFM and try to use the tuner to Maximize the time the engine stays in V4 to increase economy? or just get rid of it all completely.

Ive been doing some reading and it appears people are having better luck tuning out the AFM and just doing some lite leaning of the Fuel Tables any thoughts?

second question, I have test drove a lot of these 6L80 trucks, has anyone noticed that the trans slips/chugs or is sloppy around red-line shift?
is this something is normal of the factory transmission tune? is this something the removal of TQ management, and upping shift speed/trans pressure can help out?

I am sure this is the start of a million other questions, but I hope this can get some good dialogue going from the veterans and the new guys/gals on this forum.


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