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Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge

Model: 513010000 513020000 513010000 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering



Low fuel rail pressure readings can be a sign of fuel delivery trouble, and thanks to the PPE Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge it can be headed off before real trouble arises. This gauge lets you know when your diesel is starving for fuel or when it is running at its optimal tune. PPE also offers a 9 foot Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge harness (513010100) that is recommended to ease installation, but is not required.



▪ White lettering on black face with red needle

▪ Black bezel

▪ Dimmable white LED illumination

▪ Full sweep design measures from 0 to 30,000 psi

Available for:

2001-2005 GM (513010000)

2006-2010 GM (513020000)

2003-2006 Dodge (513010000)

UPC Company Prefix: 81050502

UPC Code - 14: 00810505026357, 00810505026371

UPC Code - 12: 810505026357, 810505026371

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513010000, 513020000

5130100, 5130200