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2.25" QR 304 SS V-Band 3-Piece Set

Model: 517122503 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering


Manufactured with corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel which offers better durability to the everyday extreme environmental conditions these parts are subjected to. 

Inside interlocking 304 stainless steel flange and deeper outside register to ensure a secure, tight fit that is able to withstand high pressures. Quick-release mechanism with a one-piece FlexLoc Nut that is ideal for severe service uses and won’t fail like inferior nylon nuts. Because a FlexLoc Nut has no nylon insert, it consistently provides better tensile strength than the leading “two-element” locknuts and is ideal for elevated temperature environments. PPE’s deep register holds the V-Band Flange securely until you are ready to release. Easily and securely reconnects in seconds. Available in sizes from 1.5” ID to 5.0” ID.

Includes: 1 Quick Release 304 stainless steel clamp, 1 Male 304 stainless steel flanges, 1 Female 304 stainless steel flange

 ▪ 304 stainless steel clamps flanges
 ▪ One-piece FlexLoc Nut
 ▪ Tube locating ridge
 ▪ Quick-release mechanism
 ▪ Disconnects and reconnects in seconds
vband VBAND

Example below shows Quick-Release mechanism common to each PPE "QR" Clamp.