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3" Stainless Down Pipe

Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering

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50 States Emissions Legal (E.O. D-701-21)

Remove your crushed oval-shaped stock down-pipe and replace it with a smooth, round, long-lasting full 304 stainless steel Down-Pipe from PPE.

Available for:

2001-2004 GM Duramax diesel engines (117000400)

2004.5-2010 GM Duramax diesel engines (117000500)

2011-2015 GM Duramax diesel engines (117000600)

2015.5-2016 GM Duramax diesel engines (117000700)

UPC Company Prefix: 81107002

UPC Code - 14: 00810505021222, 00810505021239, 00810505021246

UPC Code - 12: 810505021222, 810505021239, 810505021246


Kit now includes PPE Down Pipe Support Bracket. This bracket (stay) secures your PPE Down-Pipe and prevents movement. Fabricated from 1/8 304 stainless steel.

NOTE: For vehicles equipped with an EGR (2002 to 2004 CA vehicles) this tab must be modified with a grinder, cut off wheel, or the like.


2004.5 to 2010


2011 to 2014



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PPE continues to lead the way with 50 states legal environmentally friendly fuel efficient products.

117000400, 117000500, 117000600, 117000700