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PPE Transfer Case Pump Upgrade

Model: 129001000 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering


Cure the dreaded "Pump Rub" with PPE’s Transfer Case Pump Upgrade kit. Pump rub occurs when the 5 positioning tabs holding the pump in place wear over time, thus causing the oil pump to come into contact with the housing itself. The result is a hole in the cover, causing fluid to leak and the possibility of heavily damaging the transfer case. PPE’s kit consists of a new pump cover whose main feature is a more secure method of mounting the pump. All the necessary gaskets are included.

Available for:

1998 – 2007 Silverado / Sierra 1500, 1500HD, 2500, 2500HD, 3500 NP246, NP261HD, NP263HD, NP261XHD, NP263XHD

1998 – 2003 Blazer / Jimmy NP236

1998 – 2007 Suburban / Yukon 1500, 2500, NP246

1999 – 2005 Astro / Safari NP136

1999 – 2007 Escalade NP246, NP149

2002 – 2007 Avalanche 1500, 2500, NP246, NP261, NP263, NP263HD

UPC Company Prefix: 81050502

UPC Code - 14: 00810505023929

UPC Code - 12: 810505023929

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