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Internal Oil Cooler Delete/ Reroute

Model: 114001000 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering


Designed for high performance Duramax engines. Made from billet hard anodized aluminum. This kit will allow you to remove the stock unit and run a much larger and less restrictive external oil cooler and oil filter. The easy bolt-on adapter uses existing factory oil-cooler mounting bolts and includes an engine water bypass adapter. The PPE Internal Oil Cooler Delete Kit is excellent for marine or high performance hot rod installations where space is limited.


▪ 1/8 inch NPT oil temp. sender port (measures oil temp. entering block)

▪ Compact design adds additional clearance for tight engine frames

▪ -12 ORB (O-Ring Boss)/-12 or -16 AN (Male) oil inlet/outlets

Available for: 2001 - 2010 Duramax engines

UPC Company Prefix: 81050502

UPC Code - 14: 00810505022892

UPC Code - 12: 810505022892

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