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‘04.5 - ‘05 LLY Silicone Hose Kit with Stainless Steel Clamps

Model: 115910405 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering


Performance Silicone Hose Kits - GM Specific
Having a burst rating of over 200 psi, PPE’s Performance Silicone Hoses will not leave you stranded with a blown boot.

Each PPE Performance Silicone Hose is strengthened with 5 plies of polyester reinforced fibers. The Fluorocarbon lined silicone rubber construction ensures that the hoses will consistently deliver a boost pressure from -76 degrees all the way to +437 degrees Fahrenheit.  

PPE’s Performance Silicone Hoses resist fuel, oil, chemicals and are also UV and Ozone resistant. With 8 sizes and configurations ranging from 2.5 inches up to 6 inches in diameter, there is a PPE Performance Silicone Hose for every OEM application.

(A) 6mm 5-ply Silicone Hose (1) (115900500) (GM 15188715) Use clamp (E)
(B) 6mm 5-ply Silicone Hose (1) (115900200) (GM 15124211) Use clamp (F)
(C) 6mm 5-ply Silicone Hose (1) (115900600) GM 15124210) Use clamp (F)
D) 6mm 5-ply Silicone Hose (1) (115900500) (GM 15188715) Use clamp (E)
(E) 71/63mm T-Bolt Clamps  (4) (515275225)
(F) 92/84mm T-Bolt Clamps  (4)  (515350300)

    ▪ Working pressure: 70 psi - BAR 4.8
    ▪ Handles high boost-pressures, oil and fuel, high-temperatures
    ▪ Burst pressure: 207 psi - BAR 14.3
    ▪ Higher flow and better lubricity than rubber
    ▪ UV and Ozone resistant
    ▪ 5-ply, 6mm wall thickness

Note: Due to the 6mm wall thickness, hose clamps  must be 1/2 inch larger diameter than hose ID for proper fit.