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Race Weight Magnetic Drain Plug

Model: 128051004 Manufactured by: Pacific Performance Engineering


Have you heard about someone being at playing weight or fighting weight? Now your truck can be at racing weight with PPE’s Race Weight Magnetic Drain Plug. Made from hard-anodized black 7075 aluminum, these 1-inch diameter plugs weigh a mere .05 oz. And we thought that our regular Drain Plug was light at 1.3 oz.! And as with our regular Drain Plug, the Race Weight Magnetic Drain Plug is equipped with a high-strength Neodymium magnet to attract harmful metallic particles in the oil and a Viton O-ring that ensures a positive seal so you do not lose any of that oil. And for those who are style conscience, the black finish even matches perfectly with our black powder-coated transmission pan and diff covers.

Works with:

PPE DEEP Transmission Pan- Allison

PPE Heavy Duty Diff Cover

PPE DEEP Transmission Pan- Dodge

UPC Company Prefix: 81050502

UPC Code - 14: 00810505023196

UPC Code - 12: 810505023196

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