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Dropping Gas Tank in '01 Tahoe
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Post Dropping Gas Tank in '01 Tahoe 
A co-worker of mine has the fluctuating gas gauge issue, and he knows he needs to replace the sending unit/fuel pump. He ran out of gas today because of Can anyone post the steps to dropping the tank, and unit replacement and what to expect?

Thanks, Dave

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Side saddle tank, right? It's a tight fit. Tell him to run as much gas out of it as he dares to start with.

Make sure he has the correct fuel pump module in hand before he starts. Get it from the dealer and he may have to give his VIN number to get the correct one.

He will need one of these fuel line tools...
This is a specialty tool and the KD brand tool available at many parts stores probably won't work correctly. Buy it anyway as it will come in handy (more later).

Jack the back of the truck way up. Our shop uses a bumper jack (actually a lift) that allows the axle to hang down. Not sure if you will have enough room to work on the tank with jackstands under the axle tubes, so you will likely have to set the truck back down on jackstands placed under the rear frame rails or bumper. They will need to be good sized jackstands. (check tool rental places)

Disconnect the fuel inlet hoses and the ground wire bolted to the top of the frame rail near those hoses.

Disconnect the emergency brake cable from the bracket(s) on the axle tube and/or housing. The gas tank has to slide ALL the way back against the axle tube and the cable will be in the way otherwise.

Use two rolling floor jacks under the front and rear of the tank and have a friend operate the jacks while you hold the tank steady and give directions to the jack operator. Lower both jacks a bit while sliding the tank all the way back to the axle. Lower the tank just enough so you can reach the fuel lines and electrical connector. The elec connector probably has a little red or green plastic pin that needs to be removed before the connector will come apart.

Use the fuel line tool to disconnect the lines. If the tool won't fit in between the lines and the module break the plastic lines off at the module... I'm not kidding. This is why it's important to have the correct new module on hand to start with. In fact, I always break the lines off the old module and then use the tool along with needle nose pliers to remove the broken off pieces inside the fuel lines once the tank is out of the way. Much easier that way.

Use snap ring pliers to remove the ring holding the module in the tank.

Replace module and reverse procedure to install.

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