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TopKick Idiot Lights?
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Post TopKick Idiot Lights? 
I do not have my owners manual with me.
Can anyone provide a link that will specifically show in picture form what the idiot lights mean on a 2006 GMC TopKick C-4500?
This is a link to the truck photos to give you an idea of what I do with this truck.
I am trying to make it run cooler and get some better mileage.
I keep getting idiot lights coming on and off and I can't figure out what they are.
I check trouble codes and there are none.
I suspect it is a non-plugged bad fuel filter or air is getting in the fuel.
I also have low oil pressure. Or lower than nit was prior to changing the oil.

Link to truck photos:

I have looked for 3-4 days now and cannot come up with what the idiot lights are saying.
Thanks if you can provide this.

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Man...that is one hell of a rig!
What do you mean by idiot lights...Check engine light (CEL)?

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Post re 
Yeah Howard that's what we call any of the dash light's over here on the mainland.
Any info light that flashes on in the cluster is generally known as an idiot light,cause even an idiot would know something was wrong.
I have no idea what light's your talking about though,i'm assuming they are symbol's and not just lights?
If that is the case you need your owner's manual or you need to find one. If it's a diesel and you just got your oil changed there is a good chance they might not have drained the fuel/water separator,it happen's often.
Deisel's should have a water in fuel idiot light on the dash,but it would probably be some kind of symbol.
Any chance you can get a pic of the dash so we can see what the symbol's are your talking about? I can usually figure them out.

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A clear picture of the instrument cluster is available on

GMC Document #84415
2006 GMC Truck TopKick C-Series
(Conventional) C4/C5

I have it printed out and currently no way to scan it in and post it.
I do not know if anyone can get to that document or not.

Does anyone have a link to an online owners manual?
I can't find one of them either.

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RodeoDad, you might have better luck asking here:

I looked on ebay hoping to run across a good pic of a Kodiak or TopKick cluster but didn't find any good ones. Sad

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Here is a link to the cluster idiot lights.
The circled ones are of question and cause.
It seems to happen when downshifting from 4th to 3rd going up hill.
Happens more often when hot 230 or so.
Tranny heats up to about 180-190.
Allison guys told me anything under 300 is okay for a 1000 RDS
These were the mechanics that rebuild them in LA.
I started driving this last june and have over 100k on it.
Everything was working till I took a month off and started again.

Link to cluster:

If you want to speculate fine.
I use GMC's, I beat the crap out of them!
Envoy got 180K then started repair bills, junked it.
The GM mechanics told me 150K on an envoy I got 180K
The topkick I was told was designed to last 200K, I will put a new crate engine in it at 200K!
Right now I am just learning the capabilites of this outfit.
I am pretty well maxed out on everything as far as wt. and power goes.
Has a few braking issues when grossing 48K but it is do able even in heavy rush traffic.

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this may be a shot in the dark, but it happens going up a hill, when you downshift.......i am thinking all it is is a sensor, like coolant or some such, and with the angle of the hill and the sudden jerk at the shift, the sensor is just getting uncovered for a split second and the it thinks its low.

double check the stupid stuff like washer fluid, and see if anything is just slightly low.

if it does not do it on flat ground, i would think thats what it is. i dont think its anything major.

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Top light is the cruise control indicator....don't know why it would be flashing.

Middle light is low oil level sensor or low oil pressure. I seem to remember reading something about low oil pressure on the newer Duramaxes...or maybe it was the Powerstroke. I'll do some research.

Bottom light I believe is the Wait-to-start glow plug light. Maybe a glow plug problem?

Do you have any boxes or programmers on the truck?

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I made it home.
The manual says the top light is a check gauages light indicating that there possible is something wrong with the oil pressure or the coolant.
The middle lights s reduce engine poser light indicating that reduced power my be occurring.
The bottom light is the engine is going to shut down and it does light.
The only thing I can think of is that I use dual Amsoil filters and put a larger by pass filter in.
The engine is now down about a quart and the pressure seemed to be going up.
I suspect some oil pressure thing.
Thanks to all.

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Is this truck using a Cat diesel? Had a school bus which had a faulty engine oil pressure sensor and caused all the above symptoms. Cat's "fix" was to replace the sender with a switch and reprogram the control module. I paralleled a resistor with the gauge sender to trick the ecu into "seeing" oil pressure.

Love the truck... everyone should have a need for a jet engine cradle at some point.

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