Damn project copperhead on Trucks

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Damn project copperhead on Trucks

Post by Pro »

Ok I just got cable a week ago after moving back from lubbock this last summer. Thats like 8 months, and they are still working on that badass truck. I almost forgot about it (and the show). I want that black joe gibbs silverado.

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Post by James B. »

They actually finished Copperhead a while back. I think you saw a repeat. On the "payoff" show Stacey took it out and did some pretty good burnouts with it. The rear suspension seems like it's set up nicely. I don't particularly care for the sound. I don't dislike it as much as my own exhaust sound but it just doesn't rumble like a 572CID bigblock should.

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Post by Blaine99Tahoe2dr »

Yeah, I didn't think it sounded as good as that red 8.1L RC with the chevelle hood he had on there. That thing sounded mean.

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Post by Y2KLimited »

I could teach that 572 some things about proper noise...

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