How to improve your productivity

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How to improve your productivity

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Well I’m into racings but usually I have plenty of time in summer to do what I enjoy doing. But nowadays I’m so busy of working hard as I got tough projects and my back pain is coming back and drives me crazy! I usually sit on wobbly chairs, I can't find a perfect one to sit comfortable on... That's why I can't even drive for long..I was told to start doing morning exercises and get a new furniture. But what sould I start with? Any thoughts?
Just quick update. Now my back pain is highly annoying so I was advised to try a standing desk with adjustable height. Honestly, I've never heard about it before but I took a shot. And you know, that was a good decision! Yeah, at first switching from sitting to standing was killing me. But soon after I'm feeling much better! So I don't need to make huge breaks being distracted by pain. Beforehand, I read lots of articles and blogs about this ergonomic furniture and if you'd be faced with the same issue, check out ... sk-review/ where I found my desk. Thanks again!
Seeing the doctor is my next step. Take care!
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I would go to the doctor first and see if you have issues that need medical attention. If not if you are just out of shape I would join a gym and maybe a trainer to get you into shape. I also hear great things about cbd oils however I have no experience or connections with the cbd I hear all kind of claims of how it has made people pain free also people claim that they have stopped taking heavy narcotics after trying cbd . I have been thinking of trying it to see if I can sleep better but it is expensive so I have not tried it. Good luck and maybe you can get behind the wheel in your race car soon.

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