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Building a 302
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Post got a note from AFR 
I asked him about possible compatible pistons with the engine I am looking at, and he had this to say:

"Hi Jim,
We no longer produce the 190 line of heads. We recently updated
the 180's and they flow the same as what the 190's used to. There was no
reason for us to have two heads that were so similar. A friend of mine built a
similar motor to the one you are referencing. He was not happy with it.
The motor ran like a diesel with a very narrow powerband. A flat torque
curve is great, but it didn't RPM well. It wasn't a good hot rod/performance
motor, but ended up working great in his pick up. As for the piston selection,
our 74 cc heads will accept most dome pistons and can be milled as far as
58 cc's for a bump in compression. I can't tell you which piston will be
correct for your application as all I handle are the heads. Let me know
if you have more questions.

Thanks, Dave"

I asked him to pass my email to his friend and to provide more info on his friend's engine. But I'd like to ask this. We all know my intent is to have a vehicle that performs much like I have now, just with better fuel economy. Based on what I'm looking at, and the projected HP/TQ curves the Dyno2000 software projected, am I going to get an engine that walks like a stock L31, talks like a stock L31, and burns gas like a new Malibu, or am I going to get something that can't get out of its own way? As it is now, the Tahoe is a pretty nimble vehicle, and can manage traffic pretty effectively. Sure, I'd like more power, but then I'd be saying that if I had 1000HP/1000TQ.

Ah hell it'll be all right. I'm pretty much building a 305 here, just with a different stroke and bore. And a 305 runs like a 350 without the fuel useage, when looking at stock power levels.

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Dontworry Speeder, this thing will run just fine for ya.
1994=10243874/rod=10108697 cam=10243779 engine assy=88894191 all 3 years


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Here are a new supply of 5.94" Powedered Metal (PM) connectring rods. These have been out for a few years now. The 5.94" rods allow for a Vortec 350 4" piston to be used with the 1994-96 3" stroke, nodular iron 1 piece rear main seal crankshaft for a newer 302 cid V8 Chev engine.
The Chevrolet PM rods WITH the dot forged into them are indicative that they are for building the rpo L99 4.3 (265cid) V8s and NOT the 5.7 iron or alum headed 92-97 LT1 350 GEN 2 SBCs.
Suggested retail price is $44 a piece

EngineTech is the remanufacturer of these OEM rods, here is an EBAY store that is selling a kit of 8 of these reconditioned L99 5.94" GEN-II SBC rods. They were p/n 12495072 in the GM Performance Parts catalogue.

AND here is the actual EngineTech website

Then for a 3" stroke 1 piece rear main seal 1 piece RMS you can spend $170 from Clegg Engine.

A ZZ3/4/5/6 cam with 208º/221º duration with 0.501/0.510" lift on a 112ºLSA using
aluminum GEN 2 LT1 heads on a
GEN 2 L99 longblock with a 3.736" bore with a 3" stroke for 265 cid
GEN 2 LT1 intake manifold
1-1/2" primary headers
LT1 75mm T-body
LT1 75mm MAF sensor

made 329hp @ 6500rpm/273 lb/ft torque@6000rpm
7000rpm WOT shiftpoints
95+ Blazer 4.3 V6 torque converter p/n 24202310 if using a 700r4/or 4l60e(non E type) the converters from the Vettes have the same guts but have the proper TCC material for 700r4/4l60 use. These are p/n 8650919 for the 85-86 Vettes, this was later changed to p/n 24201203.

I would think that by going from the 3.736 265/305 bore out to the full 302/327/350 bore from 265cid to 302 cid would bring those power/torque peaks down a bit rpm-wise. This is a good thing as the LT1 PCMs start to sut down the pulsewidths at around 7300rpm no matter what the rev limit is set at calibrationwise, just like the Vortec truck blackbox PCMs start to shut down the injectors at around 5800-6000rpm, even if you have the rev limit set at 8000rpm in the calibration. The 512kb PCMs like the 0411 are good to something like 8400rpm.

I just thought I'd enter an update as the original L99 5.94" rods and 3" crankshaft have been NLA from GM Parts and Chevrolet Performance Parts for a while now and these 2 newer sources for the same reconditioned parts have now presented themselves.

I've always liked the idea of the Chev 302 from GEN 2 L99 pats idea. It would be a great engine in a 3000lb GMT400 rcsb C1500, but that's a full 100lbs lighter than my 97 rcsb C1500.


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