New ZR2 Colorado

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New ZR2 Colorado

Post by Hog »

3.6 liter 309hp gas V6 with 8 speed auto
Duramax diesel ... nt-of-one/


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Post by CrazyHoe »

Front end looks terrible, 4WD Lo, locked transfer case, locked front and rear differentials that's cool.
Just wish GM was as reliable as Toyota.

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Post by Speeder »

GM has a bad habit of only putting the powerful engines in crewcabs on the small vehicles. On the other hand, the Colorado is only a smidgen smaller than the full size, and is every bit as big as my own full size.

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Post by Hog »

Some of this stuff isn't ZR@ specific, but is valid for the Colorado lineup 2016 and newer

Duramax diesel (one mag lists a 9.2 second 0-60 with the diesel and reports that the 4 cylinder Colorado is about the same)
16.5:1 compression
•181 hp @ 3,400 rpm, 369 lb-ft of torque @ 2,000 rpm
•Inline 4 cylinders with dual overhead camshafts
•Direct injection
•Requires WT Convenience Package and Trailering Package on WT models
•Requires Safety Package, LT Convenience Package and Trailering Package on LT models
•Requires Trailering Package on Z71® models

2.5 liter I-4 VVT gas engine 11.3:1 compression
•Direct Fuel Injection and Variable Valve Timing help optimize power and efficiency
•Dual Overhead Camshaft design
•2.5L powertrain produces: 200 hp @ 6300 rpm and 191 lb-ft of torque @ 4400 rpm
•Includes a 4.10 rear axle ratio
EPA fuel mileage(regular unleaded)
19 / 26 (2WD manual)
20 / 27 (2WD automatic)
19 / 25 (4WD)
standard rear gearing is 4.10:1

3.6 liter VVT DI gas engine 11.5:1 compression
•308 hp @ 6800 rpm, 275 lb-ft of torque @ 4000 rpm
•Dual overhead camshafts
•Direct injection with Variable-Valve Timing (VVT)
EPA fuel mileage (regular unleaded)
18 / 26 (2WD)
17 / 24 (4WD)
Standard rear gearing is 3.42

6 speed auto
•Electronically-controlled to deliver smooth and efficient operation
•Requires the 2.5L I4 or 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel engine
-gear ratios 1st-4.06:1, 2nd-2.37:1, 3rd-1.55:1. 4th-1.16:1, 5th-0.:1, 6th-0.73:1 Reverse-4.03:1

6 speed manual trans
Requires 2WD Extended Cab models and the 2.5L I4 engine.
-gear ratios 1st-4.47:1, 2nd-2.46:1, 3rd-1.47:1. 4th-1.00:1, 5th-0.85:1, 6th-0.67:1 Reverse-3.2:1

8 speed auto (8L85E)
•Electronically-controlled to deliver smooth and efficient operation
•Requires 3.6L SIDI DOHC V6 engine

Curb weights:

Extended cab longbox (6ft 2" box)
2wd 3960 (2.5L w/ manual), 3920lbs. (2.5L w/ automatic) 4090lbs. (3.6L)
4wd 4140lbs.(2.5L), 4310lbs. (3.6L)

Crew Cab shortbox (5ft 2" box)
2wd 4010lbs. (2.5L), 4180lbs. (3.6L)
4wd N/A (2.5L), 4380lbs. (3.6L)

Crew Cab longbox (6ft 2" box)
2wd N/A (2.5L), 4230lbs. (3.6L)
4wd N/A (2.5L), 4450lbs. (3.6L)

And yes, Speeder I agree 100%. The big heavy vehicles usually get the HO engines. One example was the 2005 L33 315 hp engine. It was a 5.3 with aluminum heads and block, same cam specs as LM7 save for slightly increased lift specs, and 9.9:1 compression vs, the LM7's 9.4:1.
Another example is the 2004-2007 B4V(VHO) trucks. These trucks wee the first trucks where you could get the 345hp/380lb/ft GEN 3 LQ9 in a 1/2 ton truck. But of course you could only get the LQ9 in the Extended Cab version. The 2004 B4V came with a 10 bolt for the roughly 500 copies that they built for MY2004. For MY2005 they swapped out the 8.6 10 bolt for a 9.5" 14 bolt SF rear end and stick with that.
In 1999 when the GEN 3 engine (LR4-4.8 255hp)/LM7-5.3 270hp) while being able to get the LM7 5.3 in a reg cab shortbox configuration, you no longer could get the "big" optional V8 engine with a manual transmissions, only the 4 seed auto. To get the 5 speed manual you had to settle for the 4.8 LR4. In the previous GMT-400 trucks, you could get the 5 speed manual with the big optional V8, that V8 being the 255hp L31 Vortec 350.

These new Colorados make my GMT-400's appear smallish.

I do wonder what kind of "magic" the aftermarket can unleash on that rpo LWN Duramax diesel?



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