EVO 98 K1500

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EVO 98 K1500

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Hello everyone, new to this group and the situation at hand.
I just recently bought a 98 Chevy K1500.
I have the same steering issues. So I was told to replace some items, heres what I replaced;
Idler arm and bracket
Steering gear box(appropriate for year and make)Replaced about a week ago!
Replaced EVO sensor on steering column under dash
My steering was real loose with about 2-3inches of play in gearbox, which is why I replaced the gearbox. Replacing gearbox did take away all the slack. But still have stiffening or resistence when making turns, and slight over steering when out on open highway.

So with that said, I have been searching hi and lo all over multiple forums, with no one replying with an actual fix. Many people state they used the EVO actuator replacment kit(on the PWS pump). But have not heard anyone say if that was the fix?
So what I am looking for is what is the correct fix? Do I replace gearbox and pump from a 96 truck? Will that work, do the parts from 96 fit in 98? Would I also need to replace the pressure line?

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