6.2 Liter Availability

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6.2 Liter Availability

Post by Dave »


It has been quite some time since I have been here. I have been happily driving my 2000 Silverado LT Z71. It now has almost 429,000 miles on it. It's only on its second alternator and battery, and still has the factory hoses installed. The A/C compressor has never been charged, yet blows out cold air. It has been an incredibly reliable, low-maintenance truck. I bought it new, and have been driving it for 16 years. I am in the market for a new truck, and I really like the new Silverados. In my searches, I have not been able to find any 6.2 liter equipped models ANYWHERE. I live in MD, and the only 6.2 liter trucks I have found have been in Minnesota, Texas, and Illinois. I would like to take advantage of the 20% off program that ends at the end of this month. If I have to settle for a 5.3 liter model, I would at least like to get the 8 speed tranny.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions regarding finding a 6.2 model, or why they seem to be so scarce? Is there THAT much difference in the performance/driveability of the 6.2 vs the 5.3? I don't tow anything, so that is not a consideration. I have test-driven a 5.3 model with the 6 speed transmission. Will the 8 speed make a noticeable difference with the 5.3?

Thank you in advance for your input.


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Post by Hog »

Have you driven any of the newer 2014+ GEN V (5) SBC equipped trucks? If not I suggest you should. Direct Injection has started in the GEN 5 SBC and coupled with the higher compression ratios(11:1 and higher) have bolstered their off idle and low rpm torque.
The 5.3 L83 is rated at 355hp@5600rpmrpm/383lb/ft torque@4100rpmrpm on regular gas, on ER85 its rated at 376hp@5600rpm/416lb/ft torque@4000rpm both with 11.0:1 compression ratio

L86 6.2liter
420hp@5600rpm 450lb/ft torque@4100rpm 11.5:1 compression ratio

Heck the wee LV3 4.3 V6 is now rated at 285hp/305lb/ft of torque on 87 octane gasoline and
E85 the rating jumps to 297hp@5300rpm 330lb/ft torque@3900rpm

Couple all those excellent torque values with the low 4.03:1 of the 6 speed auto transmissions and the high 0.67:1 6th gear(same as the old 4th gear of the 200R4 trans) and youv got a nice snappy setup that cruises nicely down the highway.
Compared to your 2000 (GMT800) truck the new 2014+ K2XX platform are physically larger and are pushing quite a bit of extra mass.

6.2 liter engine Engine Code J (8th digit of VIN)
I am showing both a 6 speed auto and an 8 speed auto availability for the 6.2 liter engine
Part Number 12657206 is for a brand new 6.2 engine $5777.78

$498 23378654 is the p/n for the rad of a 6.2 liter truck ENHANCED TOWING PERF PKG(NHT) ; 1st Design ; w/ITOC CONNECTORS ON LH SIDE OF RAD)(FOR 2ND DES SEE 23394782 ; Trans 6 Spd Trans Automatic

$468 23378652 is the p/n for the rad of a 6.2 liter truck with the 8 speed auto trans Exc ENHANCED TOWING PERF PKG(NHT), MUNICIPAL Service VEHICLE(5W4) Exc Std Cab Pickup ; Exc 2Dr ; Trans 8 Spd Trans Automatic

5.3 liter engine engine code C
12657207 $5277.78

SIDE OF RAD)(FOR 2ND DES SEE 23394782; Trans 6 Spd Trans Automatic; 1 Per Veh}
{ENHANCED TOWING PERF PKG(NHT); Trans 6 Spd Trans Automatic; 1 Per Veh}

$466.78 23378652 {Exc ENHANCED TOWING PERF PKG(NHT), MUNICIPAL Service VEHICLE(5W4); Exc
Std Cab Pickup; Exc 2Dr; Trans 8 Spd Trans Automatic; 1 Per Veh}

PERF PKG(NHT), MUNICIPAL Service VEHICLE(5W4); 1st Design; w/ITOC;
CONNECTORS ON LH SIDE OF RAD)(FOR 2ND DES SEE 23394783; Trans 6 Spd; Trans Automatic

GM Hydramatic 8L90
First: 4.560
Second: 2.970
Third: 2.080
Fourth: 1.690
Fifth: 1.270
Sixth: 1.000
Seventh: 0.850
Eighth: 0.650
Reverse: 3.820

Maximum shift speed: 7000 rpm
Maximum Vehicle Weight (GVW): 13,200 lbs (6,000 kg)
Maximum Vehicle Weight (GCVW): 20,500 lbs (9300 kg)
Range selector quadrants: 5 position (P,R,N,D,M) protected for 6 position (P,R,N,D,M,L)
Case description: 2-piece (main, extension, bell integrated with main case)
Case material: Die cast aluminum
Shift pattern: 6 variable force solenoids, one for each clutch and one for TCC
Shift quality: 6 variable force solenoids, one for each clutch and one for TCC
Torque converter clutch: Variable Force Solenoid ECCC, 2 path, turbine damper
Converter size: 258 mm
Fluid type: Dexron High Performance ATF
Fluid capacity (application specific): 10.5 L
Transmission weight (application specific): 95.5 kg – 99 kg, including TCM
Pressure taps available: c12345R Clutch
Assembly site: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Available Control Features
Multiple Shift Patterns (Selectable)
Driver Shift Control (Tap Up / Tap Down)
Enhanced Performance Algorithm Shifting (PAS/PAL)
Engine Rev Matching on TAP Downshifts
Staged Upshifts in TAP Mode
Selectable Tow / Haul Mode (Truck Only)
Engine Torque Management On All Shifts
Altitude and Temperature Compensation
Adaptive Shift Time
Reverse Lockout
Automatic Grade Braking
Additional Features
External TCM
Control Interface Protocol – GMLAN

It seems as though GM is already looking forward with a 10 speed auto that was developed along with Ford. It weighs no more than the 8L80, with no increase in frictional losses as compared to the 8 speed.

I have no idea why the 6.2 liter would be harder to find in your area, but as with any new truck purchase, I always suggest getting the largest optional engine, as it always more than pays for itself when it comes time to sell her. But since you enjoy your trucks for a long long time, perhaps fuel economy is more up your alley. But its sure hard to say no to 420hp/450lb/ft torque in the 11.5:1 compression L86 6.2 liter. Those were numbers that were only attained with a supercharger when I was making my bones.

Hope that helps at least a bit. I sure would like a new regular cab shortbox with a L86 6.2. Not sure if its available like that, but grab the intake and blower assembly from the LT4 Vette engine and enjoy a 600-700hp beast that couple rack on a few hundred thousand miles in style.


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Post by Dave »

Thank you for responding. I have not driven a truck equipped with the 6.2. I finally found one in my general area (central MD). It's a High Country model with everything. I gave the dealer a credit card deposit to save the truck for me. Hopefully, I'll be getting it next week. I checked with a guy I know who works in a dealership, and he said my deal is a good one. That was all I needed to pull the trigger. They're giving me $8500 off of the sticker/msrp. I've heard nothing but good things about the 6.2. If this truck is as good as my current 2000 Silverado, I'll be keeping it for a long time! I'm only afraid of getting a turd, as the 2000 has set the bar very high for dependability. As far as fuel economy goes, it seems that getting the 6.2 only costs a mile or two less a gallon than the 5.3. Either way, I'm good, because the 6.2 still gets better gas mileage than my current 5.3 truck.

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