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Thanks for the tip about using the baking pans. I actually ended up putting the clutch fan back on. 15k later and the JB Weld is still holding on my radiator leak. I did end up having to replace the air conditioning condensor this summer because my extra auxillary trans cooler had rubbed a hole in it from being attached to it with the zip tie type install kit.(that was the same kit that ruined my radiator with the electric fans. So now I am looking for some type of bracket to hold the trans cooler. Right now its suspeneded in front of the grill with zip ties to the grill. :x

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No problem. Home Despot has these heavy duty metal bars for a few bucks each. You can bend the bars so they can be bolted to the rad support. Using these you can mount the cooler a quarter to a half inch off the radiator, then seal the cooler to the radiator with some high temp foam strips. Sealing it would be necessary so the fan can pull air through the cooler.

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