ROLL CALL! 03-23-05!

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ROLL CALL! 03-23-05!

Post by Stealth97 »

Who is here? KISS. Keep it simple stupid. This is a roll call thread. Not a discuss or hijack my thread thread.

Stealth97, longtime member. Just want to see who is active.

Eric L.

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Post by BigTex »

I keep looking at the "memberlist" link at the top to see how fast its growing and who has found the site.

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Post by Neil1500HD »

Hello all.

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Hi Neil

Post by JuanB »

I'm here also~! Ok, hold down the Cheers....Johnb

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Post by ToddH-2500HD »

ToddH-2500HD checking in. Glad to be back!

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Post by loud5.3 »

Formerly NGaZ-71, 99hoe and one or two others, now I'm loud 5.3.

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Post by Stealth97 »

To those of you I know, welcome back.

To the new guy that I dont, welcome as well! Loud 5.3 huh? Sounds nice.

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Post by burbman »

Here! By the way, I feel like Dorothy coming back from Oz. There is no place like home.

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Post by KenB »

Wow the site looks great :D

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Post by Tone »

Nice to see you all again.
I had withdrawals.

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Post by jlwz71 »

Boo :P

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Post by saturnstyl »

Hello, I am glad to be back! :D

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Post by h_sach »

h_sach here, the artist formerly known as PBOY. It figures I had a problem with my Yukon when the forum was down. My truck must have known.

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Post by ac »

I was the 8th poster.

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Post by Dave'02LT »

Here today, gone tomorrow... on my way to Primm Nevada.



Post by Blaine99Tahoe2dr »


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Post by dj14901 »

Glad to be back, does anyone know if we'll be able to get to all of the old messages?

Take Care,


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Roll Call

Post by Rob_B »

Been so long so this is very welcomed... Hello all...Nice to see so many familiar names

James B.
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Post by James B. »

Howdy y'all!

I have to admit I've done nothing but change the oil since the forum went down. The truck is running great, the transmission is still awesome. Nothing's changed - it's still way too damn loud, FELONIOUSLY loud, and it still needs catalytic converters.

Best part, it's just a couple payments from being all mine! (At least the stock parts anyway) lol


Post by Bluethunder »

Hello all. I am here once in a while and hats off to all who helped me in the past, Speeder, PSwired, Stealth97, etc. Glad to see most people that I remember loyally returned as I have........


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