Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Post by z71gmc06 »

To a great bunch of really smart guys. Maybe this will be the year I actually do something to my truck, besides just drive it.

I finally have one kid off the payroll with another one coming off in June. We help them in college for the first 4 years and then they are on their own.

Got a new snowmobile this year and truck mods are next on the list.

Even though I am not a big poster I really enjoy keeping up with everyone's projects and ideas.


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Post by Hog »

Happy New Year to you too Dave, and to all the rest of the PPE viewership. Here's to a great 2014.


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Post by Speeder »

Happy New Year! Gotta be better than this year was, had way, way more go wrong than I've posted here. At least most of it's already been fixed, in some cases better than before the breaking.

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Post by Whipped383 »

Ha Ha 2013 was great for me got a new trailer and a new baby. 2014 is gonna suck all the bills are starting to roll in and I just found out my bosses wife has breast cancer, hes a hell of a guy and business aside hes more than just a boss but I consider him and his family dear friends as well. Wish her the best.

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Post by saturnstyl »

Things are looking good for 2014! Happy new years!

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Post by CrazyHoe »

It seams every year I'm rebuilding my engine. (I keep finding shiny particles in my oil and it's not gold).
IF this one runs good, I'll finally get boost!

Gapping rings this morning!

Hoping for a great year for all of us.

Happy new year!

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Post by KennyB01 »

Happy New Year everyone!!!!