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New addition

Post by Whipped383 »

Shoulda posted this 6 weeks ago but I became a dad on november 10th. Just got our pics from the photographer a couple days ago.. enjoy


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Post by JR96CK »

Congrats... ya'll make a beautiful family! 8)

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Post by Marty »

Yes - Congrat's to you both.

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Post by Hog »

Congrats, and best wishes to you both..

My favourite part of a baby is their cute little feet. Blowing farting noises using your lips on their feet and making them laugh is a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed do that with my God-daughter Arica.

Enjoy my friend, they grow up quick.


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Post by saturnstyl »

Seems like such a long time ago I was getting up four or five times a night to feed the little guy and change his diapers. Now he is almost three and I cannot remember what he looks like without hair. I cannot recall a time he couldn't walk or talk on his own. They grow up really fast, even though it seems like forever when its two in the morning and the baby needs fed!

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Congratulations to you both.

Health and happiness to your little family. :)

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Post by Speeder »

Congratulations. Cute little bugger.