Need some prayers for my wife

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Need some prayers for my wife

Post by Speeder »

My wife was in an on-the-job auto accident last year, and injured one of the disks in her spine causing sciatic nerve problems. Over the last few weeks things have taken a turn for the worse though. She was getting better, but suddenly i't's started getting worse. She's always in pain, and now her leg is starting to go numb. The way things are looking she might wind up being totally disabled and is in constant pain. Dealing with the workers comp doctors isn't helping either. Spinal injuries take a year or more to heal, but they will try something and if it doesn't heal in a week they start trying to say nothing can be done. We're pursuing other avenues though. Looking for some prayers for her back to heal, the more the merrier. Thanks.

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Post by Hog »

Pain that affects the sciatic nerve really sucks. I had a workplace injury years ago and it felt like electric shocks/pain from my lower back that radiated down into my feet at it's worse. The pain was so bad that it really had me looking for ways out of it. I remember applying traction myself on my lower back by laying prone on top of the doghouse with my pelvis just to one side of the peak to pull the discs apart. When it was really bad, I would "mount" the doghouse and get a ball peen hammer and "tap" away where the pain was. Not too hard, it was a weird remedy but it really helped for short term relief. I so wish I still had the pics, you giuys would have a good laugh for sure.

My Dr. started me off on codiene, then Oxycodone, then Morphine. the only thing that touched the pain was the Morphine. I remember that once I was at an active level of Morphine that I slept for almost 3 days straight simply from not having as much pain. Once controlled I was started on Fentanyl patches, then over the years weaned off of those. Now I am able to pull a 12 hours shift without even feeling any pain, unless I stand in 1 spot for too long.
I tried TENS(trans cutaneous nerve stimulation) its a little walkman device withelectrodes that stick too you and it gives you shocks. Didnt work.
Tried acunpuncture which I though was simply phooey, but it actually provided 2 hours of relief post treatment.
Physiotherapy really seemed to agravate my pin, but I persisted to try and keep my muscles strong.

Honestly, if it wasn't for pharmeceuticals, I really doubt I would be here today.

Working with Comp Dr.s isnt the best, I always felt as though that I was "under the microscope" and would be "punished" for any improvement.

Of course Speeder, I will send some wishes your way. I really hope your Wife's condition improves. Keep notes on any changes in signs/symptoms. You and your Wife can write letters to the Dr. and have them become parts of her chart. Use words like suffering and quality of life, I'm sure you and your Wife will have no problems coming up with good adjectives. Note what improves the pain, what makes it worse etc etc. What you say and what your Dr. puts in a chart can be 2 totally different things. He/she can "filter" out details and on paper it can paint a different picture. These charts are reviewed so having you own words is important.


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Post by Speeder »

She's on narcotics for the pain, but they don't really work. She says they just take the edge off. She can't tolerate morphine. The TENS unit plus ice packs seem to help. We can try the doghouse thing, we have this Pilates rubber ball that I use to pop my back when it locks up. Since mine's not going to be broken anymore it's no biggie, but we are concerned with doing this with her. We have been messing with this for long enough though. Right now we're selling off as many assets as we can to get our bills to the point that if we need to she can quit and we can get by on what I make. Anyone want some land south of Fort Smith AR or some lakeside property west of Tulsa OK? :lol:

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Post by Makoi »

Put a call into this doctor;

T. Reid Kavieff Two Four Eight Nine Two Six 6222.

Tell him that you know me Pete Makoi, tell him the story and ask if he knows anyone good in your area. He might. He's taken care of my wife regularly since her auto accident, and I have seen him a number of times when I wrench my back too. He's very good, and he knows a lot of people around the country.

Prayers sent too.

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Post by RStahoe99 »

Prayers for your wife and you. I have been in your shoes pal, it is not easy seeing your significant other in such pain and feeling so helpless. I literally carried my wife to and from the vehicle for a good month after her work injury, that put us in the same situation. She had the surgery done(forget what its called) where they go up and down the spinal cord in the area and inject the medication. It helped for awhile, but the biggest help was the back patches and time.

I hope everything turns out for the best. My wife had a very understanding DR which helped, especially b/c workmans comp was paying. Physical therapy(proper physical therapy) we key as well.

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Post by 97k15004wd »

My thoughts and prayers go to you and your wife. I hope things get better soon. I agree with keeping notes and giving them to the doc, makes sense. Again, I hope she gets better soon.

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Post by Speeder »

Thanks Makoi, I'll keep that in mind. Our chiro is kinda the same way, knows people all over. I'll mention his name and see if they know each other.

RStahoe99, those were steroid injections they were doing. They did that for her too. The first two seemed like they were helping, the third one put her right back. Kinda wondering if they didn't stick it in the wrong place but no way to prove. She's also doing ice and heat packs, has a TENS unit, and did the therapy. I think some of that might have helped, but she had to go back to work or lose her job if she refused. Stupid gummit crap, and her union verified that this could happen. As soon as she started back to work the postmaster where she worked started trying to push her as hard as he could trying to get her to quit. Sucks when you can't do anything about this sort of thing. Oh well, just have to keep plugging away I guess.

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Post by z71gmc06 »

Prayers from our family on the way.

I can definitely relate. My wife had a car accident years ago and then started getting terrible pain up and down her spine. We have done everything as well. Even going so far as having Rhizotomies (sp?). It's where they put a needle in you back and burn off the nerve endings so the pain stops. All the nonsense with the insurance companies trying to weasel out of their commitments and the doctors whose job it is to find ways to disqualify you. Been through it all. Will definitely be thinking of your wife. Hope she gets better.

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Post by JR96CK »

Adding in my prayers as well.

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Post by Marty »

Has she had a recent cat-scan of the lumbar / sciatic area ?
A close friend of mine had put up with what he thought was pain from the sciatic nerves.
It turned out that he was/had developed an anuerism of the lower abdominal aorta.
The anuerism had grown to 4 inches before he could not bear the pain and went into the hospital.
He did not survive surgery.

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Post by z71gmc06 »


Advice from my wife. Push to get sent to Mayo or Cleveland Clinic. They are the best for hard to diagnose injuries/illnesses.

There are many specialists who are the best of the best and they are all connected real time to the patients chart which is updated as the patient is being seen. They take a team approach to helping all patients.

Since they see a lot of the toughest cases they sometimes have answers that no one else has.

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Post by Whipped383 »

Best of luck to you both. My dad was injured in a work accident when I was about 7 years old and is now paralized from the waist down

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Post by SikSilverado »

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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Post by Boosted-Z71 »

Got you both in our thoughts & prayers


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Post by Speeder »

Marty - she had an MRI last week. It's definitely a disk problem. It was an annular tear, now it's a blown disk. It's gotten worse, but at least it's not an aneurism, however you spell it. The disk is pushing on the sciatic nerve. The chiro is recommending a microdiscectomy, which is where they go in and shave the disk down so it doesn't press on the nerve anymore. We are waiting to see the doc on it now. Tulsa actually has an outstanding medical community and has world-class specialists.

Anyway, thanks for the prayers to date, and the more prayers the better. The Lord gave doctors the power to alter our bodies, let His power flow to the doctors and allow them to make the repairs.

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Post by Bent1 »

Will keep her in my prayers

Out here, when my medical startup was still viable, found several new methods for
this type of issue (only extreme).

Still experimental, but ask your doc's if they know anything about it

One is a two piece wedge like that they insert the pointed end into the
space. Then the spread that opening to alleviate the pressure.

My dad had several operations, but since back in the 60's, their IP was
to fuse two joints. Butcher, so he lifted beef quarters all his life till I was
old enough to do some of when I was working there

Careful on chiropractors. Some can do more harm than good.

Take care

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Post by 1999 Tahoe 4x4 »

My best wishes as well.
Hope it gets better and she'll recover soon.
Fingers crossed.

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Post by playtoy_18 »

Somehow I hadnt seen this post.
Hope everythings getting better.

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Post by endo »

Not on here much anymore, but very sorry to hear this and hope they're able to get it corrected ASAP. Have friends who deal with *serious* back pain/disc issues and have seen just how not-fun that can be.

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