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PPE Xcelerator For Chevy/GMC

The Xcelerator line of Performance programmers for Chevy/GMC Duramax trucks represent the most powerful and reliable tuners currently available on the market! Engineered to exacting standards, all Xcelerator programmers are thoroughly tested both on the dyno and on the race track!


Typical features include:

  • Power levels range from 20HP to 225HP*
  • Up to 5 Power level tunes
  • Tire size speedometer corrections from Tire Sizes 25.00" to 44.75"
  • Speed Limiter Adjustable from 40 to 200MPH in 1 MPH increments
  • Gear Ratio Adjustable from 2.73 to 5.13
  • Simple download into the OBD II port under the dash
  • USB side port for easy online software updates
  • 1-year warranty


Available Chevy/GMC Xcelerator Programmers:

Xcelerator Economy - up to 120 HP

Xcelerator Standard - up to 225 HP

*HP is measured at the crank shaft.


“Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.”